The Puppy Parade

The Puppy Parade

I absolutely love this photo – the timing makes it seem like there is a huge cheering parade just for this little dog. And the look on the dog’s face is just soaking in all the adulation!

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Little kids street art

Clever Street Art

Some very clever street art within street art. The first time I saw this it took a second to realize they weren’t real kids.

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Best. Rapper. Ever. Krispy Kreme

There is so much funny stuff going on in with these videos, its hard to point them out. ┬áJust watch and laugh, a lot. The Baddest – Krispy Kreme The Fight – Krispy Kreme There are plenty more of these on Youtube, but these are my favorites. Here is Krispy Kreme on Facebook and Twitter. […]

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Boba Fett in Feudal Japan

Starwars in Feudal Japan

A really awesome vision of Star Wars characters depicted in Feudal Japan – Two awesome worlds collide! By artist Clinton Felker.

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Stop hitting yourself

Angel Slap

And the angel said unto him “Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself.” But low he could not. For the angel was hitting him with his own hands.

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Catnip, a hell of a drug.

Catnip, it’s a hell of a drug

It seems fitting that the first post will be an homage to┬áDave Chappelle. “What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!”

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