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Luke Warm

What is the Temperature of a Tauntaun?

Feeling a little silly today.

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Bird doesn't want to hear it.

Fuck It, It’s Friday!

My response to any urgent requests today…

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5 year old girl boxer

5 Year Old Girl is a Boxing Badass!

Have you ever thought to yourself “hmm, I wonder if somewhere out in the big world there is a 5 year old girl who could kick my ass?” The answer is a resounding yes, absolutely 100% yes, this little girl can kick your ass.  Meet Eunice from Kazakhstan. Via The High Definite.

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Scottie Pinwheel

Scottie Pinwheel

Just a quick, simple video that is great for an easy pick-me-up to put a smile on my face. As the video says “They love their goats milk!”.

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Boom Headshot!

Boom, Headshot!

  Part of me feels bad for this kitty, but it really looks like he is jumping right into the line of fire… Shoulda worn his cat armour.

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Noble Cat Armour

Armour for Noble Cats

This is some seriously awesome artwork from artist Jeff de Boer. I didn’t see it on his website, but I’d be willing to bet they are quite expensive (which is good news because if the crazy cat lady ever got her hands on these, she would have quite an army). He has mice armour too, […]

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Cat Attacks Itself

Suddenly, Friend Becomes Foe

After destroying Little Timmy, the cat takes revenge on itself? I’d say this is another good reason to say no to the cat… Then again, is it better to end up with this?

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Blue Light Saber

High Quality Light Sabers, Yes Please!

I’m not too old for toys right?? These are pretty damn cool and look like they are pretty nice quality. Available for purchase on Etsy.  

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Steve Carell Freak Out Dog

Steve Carell as the Freak Out Dog

What happens when you cross Steve Carell’s freak-out scene from Bruce Almighty with a video of a crazy dog barking? Pure comic gold. Seriously, it’s stupid, but just try to watch this without laughing. Here’s another with a cow.  Not quite as amazing, but still freaking funny:

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Theyyyyyyyy’re Acceptable!

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